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Laboratory Equipment and Furniture

Biological Safety Cabinets and Clean Benches Centrifuges

CO2 Incubator Cold Storage

Electrophoresis and Molecular Biology Equipment Freeze Dryers and Vacuum Concentrators

Fume Hoods Heating Equipment

Hotplates, Stirrers and Stirring Hotplates Laboratory Furniture

Liquid Handling and Dispensing Pumps and Flowmeters

Shakers pH Meter

Laboratory Plasticware, Glassware and Supplies

Cell Culture Vessels and Microplates Cryoware

Labware Microscope Slide and Specialty Glass

PCR Consumables Pipetting and Liquid Handling Consumables

Life Science Research Technologies

Antibodies Cell Culture Media, Sera, and Reagents

Molecular Biology Reagents Nucleic Acid

PCR and QPCR Protein Research Reagents

RNA interference (RNAi)